I graduated from Boise State University in 1975 with a BFA in art and design.  Back in those days there weren't any computers, so in order to do Graphic Design we needed to learn lettering.  The first alphabet I learned was Roman Capitals using tempera paint and chisel brush and that started my lifelong passion for this ancient art form.  From there we picked up the trusty ol' Speedball "C" nib and learn Chancery Cursive.

   After moving to Houston I started doing freelance work.  One of my first clients was the Houstonian when it first opened.  After a few years I discovered the Houston Calligraphy Guild.  Through the guild I was able to study with many people who are leaders in the artform.  Donald Jackson, Thomas Ingmire, Julian Waters, Reggie Ezzell to name a few.  For many years I have tried to improve by taking classes with great teachers, and I will continue perfecting my work until the day I die.



Highlights from my résumé:

  • 1975: Graduated from Boise State University
  • 1980: Joined the Houston Calligraphy Guild
  • 1975 - present: Worked as a freelance Calligrapher in the greated Houston area.